Neuros OSD Linux Media Center

Neuros OSD Linux Media Center

Neuros OSD is a ground breaking, open-source, Linux based embedded media center.

With this amazing small piece of hardware, you can record video and link your PC, portables (consoles, PDA, Cellular phones etc.) and entertainment center.
You can record video from any source (cable, DVD, VCR, TiVO, Satellite, camcorder etc.), and read and write to multiple sources like iPod, PSP, SmartPhone, Hard drive, PC etc.
It can also play media on your TV/entertainment center from portables (consoles, phones, pda etc.), digital camera, external HD, PC/internet etc.

It is the ultimate media center, packed in a small stylish black box!

Comes with remote control, cables and documention.

Open Source and Continuously Evolving:

The Neuros OSD will become more and more useful and powerful after you purchase it. Neuros engineers and our ever growing user community continuously make new capabilities available to you via regular firmware upgrades. Upgrades are free and can be done in minutes by users of any level.

In the future you can look forward to upgrades enabling streaming media from PCs to home entertainment systems; wireless networking and support for more USB peripherals. To see an up-to-date list of working features and current projects or to find out how to join our community, go to open.neurostechnology.

Another good source of information can be Neuros Wiki. It currently has some more detailed specifications and other useful information concerning the features of the OSD.

With the Neuros OSD and almost any handheld, you can easily:
• Watch your favorite TV show or movies anytime, anywhere.
• Digitize your home movies.
• Play movies downloaded from the internet on your TV.
• Hold a slide show of your latest road trip on your TV.
• Capture your video game highlights and email to friends.


TI DM320 Multimedia SOC with 200 MHz ARM926, 120 MHz C54x DSP processor
MPEG4 encoding and decoding (as many formats and wrappers as possible)
D1 (720x480)resolution at 30 fps
MPEG2 decoding
Linux (2.6 Kernel)
Dual Core Processor ARM9/TI DSP
SD/CF/MS card slots
USB host
IR Blaster
IR remote

I/O Ports

IR receiver
USB Host
Multi-card (SD/MS/MS PRO/MS DUO/MMC)
Compact Flash (including microdrive)
Dual color LED (green and Red)
Power connector
Serial connector (to conrol tuner boxes and connection to PC for developer debugging)
IR Blaster (for controlling tuner boxes)
S-Video input
Ethernet 10/100
Composite Audio and Video input and output (RCA connector cables included)

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